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MIRROWS PROJECT is the platform for promotion in social networks, forums and websites, here you can create and multiply accounts, share content on any social networks, clone randomized messages and publish it on forums or send private messages to users.

Simple connection and account management will save you a lot of time.


Not Only Social

You can connect not only social media accounts: forums, dating websites, freelance websites and any other platform what you work with

Simple Management

Mirrows platform uses proxy and randomizer. All data is saved in a separate profiles and you can quickly switch between your multi-accounts

Time Saving

All accounts are authorized and just with one click you will post your message in dozens forums, social media accounts or send hundreds private messages

What is Mirrows

There is a lot of software for managing multi-accounts, but they either have a limited set of functions or a limited set of social networks. We offer a multifunctional platform not limited by the number of accounts, nor the choice of social networks. You can share a post among connected social networks, send a post to dozens of forums, create conversations between your accounts.

  • Uses Proxy
  • Saving Data in Profiles
  • All Actions take Places in Browser

Areas of Use

Mirrows will be useful for users to multiply posts on different platforms and social networks, you only need to create a post or message and Mirrows will do the rest. Create hundreds of your clones and write positive reviews and create favorable communication on your pages or topics to increase sales

  • Any Social Networks
  • Any Websites and Forums
  • Any Numbers of Accounts

PROJECT Features


Create and multiply accounts directly on the platform. Cookies, login, password are stored in separate profiles.

Randomized messages

Randomize text messages with the built-in spintax and get an unlimited amount of unique content

Threads management

Create forum threads in bulk with one click. The process of authorization and post creation is automatic.

Time management

Simultaneous work in different social networks and sites allows you to save and organize time

Sharing Posts

Create one post and share it on any social network just by choosing connected accounts

privacy and scaling

By replacing the location, the proxy hides your true location and allows you to clone hundreds of accounts.

right direction conversations

Ask the right questions and give the right answers imitating live communication of real users

direct messages to users

Send private randomized messages to users of any platform from any of your accounts

Token Allocation

  • Token Price1 ETH = 20000 MRR
  • Total Supply800,000,000 MRR
  • Pre ICO15 SEP 19 - 31 SEP 19
  • Pre ico amount100,000,000 MRR
  • ICO01 OKT 19 - 30 NOV 19
  • ICO amount500,000,000 MRR
  • SoftCap2500 ETH
  • HardCap10000 ETH

*Unsold token from ico period will be burned

**If Softcat is not reached, all funds will be returned and the project will be closed


We accept

Executive team

There is a place for girls on the blockchain

Lyudmila Tonkih

Chief Executive Officer

Irina Novikova

Marketing Manager

Lada Malinina

Promotional Specialist

Kira Soboleva

Programming Specialist

Project Advisors

Shabby Zircoin



the process of our project

Mirrows Project Start

January 2019

Mirrows Project ICO

August 2019

Mirrows Project Listing

October 2019

Mirrows Project Partnership

November 2019

Mirrows Project Platform Beta

December 2019

Mirrows Project Platform Launch

March 2020

Mirrows Project Marketplace

May 2020
January 2019

Mirrows Project Start

Development of the concept and business plan

Website creating

August 2019

Mirrows Project ICO

Token creation

Whitepaper v.1

Marketing start


October 2019

Mirrows Project Listing

List Mirrows token on exchanges

Creating hyip to attract more investors

Traiding competitions

November 2019

Mirrows Project Partnership

Partnerships with similar platforms

Start of the platform development

December 2019

Mirrows Project Platform Beta

Release beta platform

Closed beta testing

Bonuses for testers

March 2020

Mirrows Project Platform Launch

Mirrows Platform Launch

May 2020

Mirrows Project Marketolace

Creating android and IOs APP

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